Christine Jairamsingh is a clean beauty consultant, makeup artist and writer. With over 15 years experience, she has explored a unique combination of roles in beauty, fashion and wellness, including marketing, product development, retail curation, and working on-set for fashion and commercial photoshoots. Her makeup work has appeared in Vogue Portugal, Elle CI and Fashion Magazine, and is a testament to her love of color, skin care and elevating authenticity and creativity above all else.

Christine has worked with prominent brands and retailers such as The Detox Market, Aveda, MAC Cosmetics, MOB Beauty, Province Apothecary, Tata Harper, and Kjaer Weis. Her consulting work specifically focuses on clean beauty, and helping brands, retailers and individuals to navigate the sea of choices and demands in a developing and niche part of beauty. She incorporates unique insight and direction based on an ever-growing knowledge base and hands-on expertise related to designing and facilitating education, witnessing and forecasting trends, testing and developing products, and gathering both insider and consumer feedback.

In addition to working behind the scenes, Christine is consistently exploring the foundations of beauty, while finding ways to deconstruct one-dimensionality and lack of inclusivity. She believes that beauty is free-form, fluid and a tool for expression and empowerment rather than perfection. Years of varied professional and personal experience has led her to focus on constructively voicing and bringing criticisms to light, while working on initiatives to push for change. She is currently using writing as a medium to express her vision for the evolution of fashion, beauty and wellness, with an emphasis on highlighting BIPOC history, perspectives and talent.



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